Monday, February 7, 2011

Gleefully Good News

Did you hear it?

The F word was referred to on prime time television. Again. In TV-Land, post Super Bowl is one of the most coveted air time slots. This year's coup goes to the wildly popular comedy/musical, Glee. And kudos to Glee for mentioning the F word:  fibromyalgia. Despite the derogatory usage of the word, do you know what kind of exposure that brings?

This is the third time I've heard fibromyalgia uttered on two major American networks. I've heard it denigrated on House, questioned on Grey's Anatomy and now Glee has taken a whack. Wait, back up a bit...Glee? I can understand using the F word on medical dramas but Glee definitely doesn't fit into that category. 

Clearly, attempts to promote the awareness of fibromyalgia are increasing in the media. Granted, fibromyalgia has not exactly been portrayed in a positive light. It is disheartening to hear of it spoken with the same importance of, say, a plantar's wart. Not so many years ago, plenty of then-unknown or controversial disorders struggled for credibilty in the mainstream media. Perhaps in 5 years, maybe less, the word fibromyalgia will be said without the attending disbelief and ridicule.

My point is, the campaign to promote awareness made a touch down on Sunday night. Any time fibromyalgia is mentioned in the news, on a TV program, or the daily paper it offers another chance to educate one more person. If even one person asks 'what is fibromyalgia', then a spark has been lit. Little by little, one by one, the seemingly insignificant sparks will spread into wild fire. Through wide-spread effective education and perseverence, fibromyalgia will become a household word. And everyone will know what it means.

Bring it on, TV writers. Keep on writing fibromyalgia into your dialogue. The true TV barometer will be an episode in which the word fibromyalgia slips from the lips of Dr. Gregory House and even HE won't bat one surly eyelash.

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Fibro Tip:

The Fibromyalgia Network is an organization that recommends physicians in the U.S. and Canada to its members. Contact the organization at P.O. Box 31750, Tucson, Arizona 85751. Web address:   As a member, you'll also receive the organization's newsletter.


  1. I'm enjoying your post Cathy. Thanks for the referral.

  2. Great!! I'm glad to hear that. Have a wonderful, pain-free day as possible. Are you a follower?


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