Sunday, February 20, 2011

When Brain Bloat Happens To Good People

Owwww! Yeah, that was a howl. Does anyone else notice 'moonlight madness' during a full moon? It can't just be me. If it is, I've got way bigger problems than fibro to worry about.

I can't scientifically prove it but I'm positive there is a link between a full moon and holding excess fluid. Specifically, your brain. I've been sullen and swollen all day. I wonder if the full moon-syndrome can affect other organs or systems in the body. Or syndromes? How might it affect fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or arthritis? I can verify that my aches and soreness are 'inflated' today. And I'm not 'blowing it up' out of proportion. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

I've heard of numerous studies correlating full moon-itis to changes in human behaviour. Something to do with the moon's gravity being in full force and the pull attraction on the oceans and tides. Since our brains are mainly composed of liquid, it is conceivable that the moon's pull can cause erratic behaviour in human beings. There has been many a moon I didn't need to look out the window or on the calendar to know there was a full moon grinning maniacally in the night sky. I can feel the change. I am changed. Correction: deranged!

I'm a swell kind of gal. By that I don't mean I'm particularly groovy. I mean I swell. A lot. I wish I could retain knowledge as well as I can retain fluid. It would come in handy during intermittent mentalpause moments and the impending fibro fog. It's becoming difficult to distinguish my health status from a weather forecast.

I started swelling when PMS made it's first ugly appearance. How savagely cruel is it to saddle an already cranky, crampy woman with excess body fluid? I gain weight overnight - anywhere from 5 to 7 pounds. It's not only a bodily annoyance, now it's become a wardrobe problem as well. And that's where I take extreme umbrage.  It's karmically unjust to wear nice-fitting jeans one day only to have to drag out old maternity pants 24 hours later. Oh, and the boobs! Sure, they've gotten larger too, but what good are a pair of hot hooters if they hurt like hell? As for pregnancies, I'm convinced I started 'to show' at the exact nano second of conception but it was just bloating. So, yeah, between the mood changes and weight flucuations, I'm a real swinger. I demand to know why a special Midol for the brain has not yet been invented?

Today, I've been in full brain-bloat mode. The bathroom scales groaned when I got on. My rings won't fit. The pants won't zip. I have no distinction between my forearm and hands. My wrists have disappeared. The same thing happened to my ankles. 'Cankles',  I'm told, is the new lingo. I get clumsier, too. Impaired balance and clumsiness are common secondary characteristics of fibromyalgia. But, I don't remember ever being this uncoordinated .... fibro fog has likely vaporized the memories. The good news is that taking part in yoga, tai chi or other stretching exercises{which strengthens muscle}can help to restore balance and coordination.

The full moon would also explain my lapse in judgment when I challenged my teenaged daughter to a Wii boxing challenge. What was I thinking? I got virtually KO'd but I'm paying for it in reality, today. Why, oh, why did I Wii?

To add insult to injury, its very humiliating when the door that squeaks turns out be you. I got out a can of WD-40,  to oil the joints of the door and to my horror, I discovered the creaking was coming from my own body!

If you find you've morphed into a loon, do what I do and blame it on the moon. With any luck, in a few days I can reclaim my brain. Gives a whole new meaning to the word brainwash....

Fibro Tip:

Do you have swelling? Fluid retention syndrome, or edema, occurs almost exclusively in women. It can produce a variety of symptoms ranging from headache and blurring of vision, bloating and fatigue. The added fluid in your body often causes heat intolerance. This type of edema may be helped by a high protein diet and limiting sodium intake.*

* Taken from Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survivor Manual. Second Edition by Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland.

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