Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just Another Day

Hey there. Ho there. As I write this entry, it is actually the next day. I stayed up too late to write so here is yesterday's entry.

It's been a Trammy-kind of day. Trammies are my nickname for my fibromyalgia pain meds, Tramadol. So, when I say it's been a trammy-kind of day, it means I've been achy, sore and need some relief. Today was a 3-Trammy day, thus, I didn't get a lot accomplished.

Hey, here's something interesting! I'm pretty sure I'm being catapaulted into hyperthyroidism! Yay me! Two weeks ago, I was in the depths of despair, shutting down with a failing thyroid gland. Now my new thyroid meds are working so well that I'm going to be bouncing off the walls very soon. Don't you just love medicine tweaking? I have symptoms of hyperthyroidism already but I won't see my dr. until next week. On the bright side, I just might have enough energy to do some power-spring cleaning. Gutters need cleaning? No problem, let me. Who needs a ladder? I can jump it myself.

Sigh. I need balance. My astrological sign is the scales. I favour symmetry. Balance is a vital force and metaphor in my life. I need to have equilibrium. I need homeostasis. The quest continues. When I find the Holy Grail of thyroid balance, no one will wrestle my meds away from me again. Nuh-uh.

A few days ago I hesitantly posted a few of my paintings onto my Facebook profile. I was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback. A friend was quite taken by one of my colourful abstracts. I was thrilled that somebody liked ANY of my work. I've offered to give it to her for an early wedding present. She put up the obligatory 'I can't just take it from you. I'd feel too guilty.' I won that round and it is now being boxed up and sent to her home. I'm honored to have made her happy, but I also feel like I've turned a creative corner for myself. I'm starting to believe in myself, my work as an artist and writer. Why couldn't this confidence and belief (in myself) arrive at a time in my life before I started getting hot flashes with accompanying chin hairs? I should have been believing in myself all those years ago in my (younger) youth!

Anyway, I'm thrilled to give my painting to someone who will enjoy it. I've started to feel my creative moxie creep back into my life.

I spent a good half-hour playing with my daughter and certifiably insane Bichon tonight. Doggie was much more entertaining to watch than Seacrest, let me tell you.

I laughed with my family, play-fought with the dog. Someone wants/likes my art work - to actually hang in their house. That made me feel awesome.

I guess it wasn't just another day after all.



  1. You are a very talented painter as is your daughter. You two have a "gift".