Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You'd Be a Nice Person if it wasn't for your Personality (Disorder)

Ok, I'm going right into today's topic: chippy, snippy receptionists. I've had quite enough of my doctor's secretary, thank you. This is the last time I will be chastised by the likes of her. I'm ratting her out on my next appointment.

The receptionist is the mouthpiece of a business, so to speak. She/he is the first person with whom people will come into contact. If she is offensive, it can make the difference between choosing your business and another one down the street. A rude receptionist is like halitosis - nobody wants to be the one to tell you, yet people recoil and keep their distance.

In my working days, I was a medical secretary. I realize how a chaotic and busy office can stress an employee. However, the receptionist must remember that she is dealing with people who are likely anxious, stressed, in pain or worse. A soothing, empathatic manner can go a long way toward putting patients at ease.

She Who Cannot Be Named, at my doctor's office has her own agenda. She is rude, snarky and does not listen to the patient. And those are her good qualities. She expects me to remember details of my doctor's itinerary. I made an appointment yesterday, however, life being what it is, I had to reschedule. I gave more than 48 hours notice, asking if a certain time was available on the following Thursday. A deep sigh followed, then, 'Cathy, don't you remember I told you yesterday that Dr. _______ has to leave early that day for _______?" I could hear her rolling her eyes over the phone.

Excuse me? Did she just scold me? Yes, I believe she just did.

I sighed in return and replied, "________, no, I don't remember you telling me that. With fibro, it's hard to keep track of my own details let alone someone else's." The whole time I pleaded my case, she talked over me. She didn't hear a word I said and even if she had, I doubt it would have made her soften and apologize for her crankiness.

This is not the first time she has chastised me. I know that many other people share my opinion. (rateyourdoctor.com - nothing is secret anymore.) As if her unpleasant manner isn't stinky enough, she also is a serious eyeballer. You know the type - they sweep you up and down with their eyes in a very obvious, judgmental way. She's a keen little observer, too. If I have a new pair of shoes or a new purse, She Who Cannot Be Named is quick to notice. She isn't even complimentary. She merely states that she has noted that you have a new item. She will then quiz me as to whether it is a real designer name or a fake! Bloody bollocks! What a cheek! I feel very uncomfortable around her as if I'm being surreptitously watched. Likely, I am. Big Brother is watching you and your outfit.

_______ the receptionist embodies the phrase,'You'd be pretty if it wasn't for your face.' I'm sure she would be a very nice person if it wasn't for her personality.

Perhaps she should consider employment in another field - she could totally rock roller derby. Or, maybe Judge Judy needs a new assistant. Big Baliff is watching you.


  1. A receptionist shouldn't put you in a bad mood. The good ones put you at ease. You shouldn't have to build up your courage to call the doctor just because the receptionist is snarky. "Fibro Fog" makes remembering the little details difficult. You shouldn't have to worry about remembering your doctor's ever changing schedule.