Friday, June 25, 2010

Fibro or No Fibro


Later on today, my daughter will be celebrating her birthday with her friends. It will be typical teen fare: pizza, pop, movies, cake and sumo wrestling. SCREECH! Rewind! Sumo wrestling?? Yep, sumo wrestling. Party rental companies rent any and everything these days. Picture a dozen, sugar high preteens vaulting themselves headlong onto a velcro wall! Stupid Human Tricks! I think we'll stick with the standard knock 'em down, bang em' up party fun. At least they're heavily padded and provided with a soft mat for 4 hours of smackdown hilarity.

Fibro or no fibro, I'm suitin' up, baby! I'm told that lumbering around in the suits is no easy feat. Obviously, those naysayers have never seen me swell during a summer hot spell.

Fibro or no fibro, I'll take on the hormonally challenged hot doggers. I'm not scared of those skinny, sissy boys - I have some natural ballast of my own! I'll even take on my 6'3" husband! Bring it, Medicine Man!

Fibro or no fibro, I'm gonna have a belly-bumpin' good time. I sound pretty damned sure of myself, don't I? Shhh, it's just a cover cause I don't wanna think about the day after with the accompanying bruises, the aches, the pain. Wait a minute - I live with that every day now! Yes, I might bring on a flare the next day. It's a pretty good bet that I'll feel more battered than fish and chips. So why do it?

For pure, childish adrenaline-pumping, immature FUN! The sensible adult side knows that certain activities will likely bring on a flare. But, you have a choice: you can weigh the pros vs. the cons beforehand. At least it won't be unexpected. At least you will have had a blast and belly-laugh inducing fun. Flares come and flares go but how often do I get to sumo?

Wish me luck and please don't say I told you so. I wonder if I should have the parents sign a waiver... Nah! So, sumo me!