Saturday, June 26, 2010

All Systems Go!

I did it!! I survived the Sumo Smackdown of 2010!

Last night, we held a sumo wrestling birthday party for my daughter. Fibro or not, I'd decided that I was going for it and climbed inside the heavily padded suit. Talk about hot and heavy - and I don't mean of the titillating variety. I don't know how much that sucker weighed but it was aerobic exercise just getting into the darned thing.

Talk about a complete reality shift - every step was utter exertion. With some practice, I found my stride. I had to pull the suit legs up or I'd stumble but dare I say I managed to walk with the slightest hint of elegance? Nah!! I was able to wrangle myself off the ground under my own steam. Perhaps, practicing yoga has it's benefits! I surprised everyone as I turned over, got to my knees and pushed off to a standing position. Hey, I've been pregnant twice and you don't survive 9 months without learning a trick or two about leverage. It's uncomfortably hot inside the suit and when you peel it off, I'm sure a plume of steam comes out with you. Stepping from it, I felt like a skinny supermodel. I'll never call myself fat again.

It was tremendous fun! Initially, I was afraid to fall so I threw myself down in practice mode. Piece of cake. I took on a young lad and I was laughing so hard I don't remember who won. Later on in the evening, I challenged my daughter and she was in serious sumo mode. She did not go easy on the old lady and I was promptly taken down. She flopped on top of me for good measure. Ahh, I can't remember the last time I had gut-hurtin' belly laughs but it's been far too long. Kids have them every day - we adults need to get a clue. The youngin's have much to teach us.

I went to bed dreading the next morning. I fully expected to wake up stiff and in relentless pain. Well, did I get a pleasant surprise. Today, I'm quite tired, yes, but I have no pain or stiffness. Hallelujah!

I was fully prepared to accept the consequences today for my choices last night. It would seem fibro decided to give me a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card, today.

I literally got to eat my (ice cream) cake and have it, too. Thanks fibro - does this mean I owe you one?