Monday, July 26, 2010

Call for Help

Hello Fibro Friends. Today I am using my blog to post a letter from a fellow sufferer. She is a friend and could use some support, help and good advice right now. Please read the letter below (written in her own words). Post any helpful suggestions here. Thank you.

i am so upset. i dont know what to do. you know i have fibromyalgia but i also have disc degenerative disease, and have had neck surgery for herniated discs a year ago, and now my neck is sending shooting pains down my arms into my fingers, and i have bulging discs all down my lumbar spine, and an enlarged facet joint overhanging my sacroilac joint endplate. but because of my mri, it doesnt show anything pressing on major nerves so no one believes im in any pain. when it flares like it is right now i cannot walk. my dilemma is this: my wonderful main doc sent me to a pain management doctor in june. he treated me like dirt, and saw me less than ten minutes without physically examining me at all. he asked me if i'd tried toradol, or this or that, id told him id tried nerve blocks, steriod shots, all kinds of meds, physical therapy, electrical stem, acupuncture, etc. because i told him that i was on a pain med that happened to be a narcotic/hyrocodone, that my main doc put me on, he did a very terrible thing, and i'll get to that. but i was so happy with the hydrocodone because it gave me and my family quality of life back, i could go for long walks with my family and not have to lay in bed or tell my 2 year old daughter that mommy cant pick you up or play right now, and have her cry. but taking up to 4 hydrocodone 7.5mg a day did not make me out of it and actually allowed me to be able to sleep again. well this pain management doctor told me, we'll just up your lyrica, and i told him no that i'd been on a higher amount for my fibromyalgia and it made me so cruddy feeling and out of it i wouldnt be able to take care of my daughter being a stay at home mom. he yelled, 'i have women half your size, and twice your age on 4 times the amount you're on!', yep we'll get your doc to do that and maybe an injection, which was a lie bc he had no intention of seeing me again. i found that out when he walked out and i went to the front desk and asked the lady if i needed to make another appointment, and she asked if he had given me anything, and i said no, so she told me nope. i was so upset i called my doctor and his nurse and had to pull over on the side of the road bc i was crying so hard. they were very upset. i found out the only thing the pain management doc did was write a note to my doctor with two words, 'narcotic seeker', and now my doc cannot prescribe me anything narcotic, and no docs here will see me to treat me. i am so lost and upset and i want to get a lawyer, which i have no idea what im doing in that aspect, and my hubby is going to deploy and i have no family that helps me or friends, so im scared and feel terrible for my daughter. what that doctor did was defamation of character, and slander, just because i told him what i was taking and it happened to be a narcotic. many docs here dont believe you are in chronic pain or can be if you are my age at 29. i just want this doctor to retract what he said so i can get on with my life and try another doctor out of the city i live in, what do you think? if you could please say a prayer about it and that i can get a new MRI, and it show whats going on and pressing on nerves that are causing the pain, and i dont have the money for a lawyer but maybe JAG military lawyers can help me, i hope, and i pray, thanks for listening, much love hun,, it's tough with no friends that have chronic pain around here, and no one will treat me, i wish i knew who a good doctor was in dallas or lubbock, or around there somewhere, or knew someone who did, im heartbroken, they make me feel like a druggy here when all i want is quality of life.

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  1. I feel so sorry for you and pray that you find the help you need. Some Doctor's are just ignorant of our pain and don't realize what they are doing to our lives when they make up their minds about us in only a few minutes. He should be ashamed of himself and I hope JAG can help you and you find a support group that will help you find the medical help you need. I know it seems that your situation is impossible right now but it will get better and you will find a Doctor who understands. Best wishes and prays are with you. Cathy is always here to help us all.