Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Christmas Song Revisited

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
Sweaty and tired, our skin is glistening,
Not a beautiful sight,
And we're achy tonight,
Plodding through a winter wonder land.

Gone away is a bluebird,
I'm dizzy and my vision is blurred,
Something is wrong
And it's not very long
Before we're limping through a winter wonder land.

In the meadow, we can't build a snowman,
And we forgot who the bloody heck
is Parson Brown?
We wonder how long this flare will keep us down,
He'll say: are you harried?
We'll say whaddya think, man?
It's a ruddy shame my specialist is out of town.

Later on, we'll perspire
And our skin feels like it's on fire,
Our nerves are totally frayed and
We'll scrap the plans that we made,
Stumbling through a winter wonder land,

In the meadow, we can't build that snowman
Or pretend our life hasn't turned upside down
It's not very fun
When the body aches come,
And the fibromyalgia really takes us down.


  1. LOVE IT I'll be signing this one this year...

  2. Heehee! Thank you, ladies. Just a little fibro spin on the Christmas carols!